A number of links which we hope will be of interest to the reader are set out on this page. This selection is only a start and we hope to add to these from time to time.

Actuarial links

Most of the actuaries and students in Zimbabwe belong to either the Institute or Faculty of Actuaries.

Visit these organisations' joint website for much useful information about their history (the Institute was founded in 1848) and about the actuarial profession, and in particular the education system, actuarial practice, careers and jobs, discussion papers and much more.

A related website is the one for the Staple Inn Actuarial Society which was originally founded in 1910 to assist students to qualify; more recently its objectives have been revised but its emphasis remains on students and the younger members of the profession. A regular series of papers is published, as also is The Actuary magazine which is the principal magazine for UK members of the actuarial profession.

Turning to other countries, the Actuarial Society of South Africa is the professional body for South African actuaries.

A small number of students write the examinations offered by the American Society of Actuaries.

A useful website is Be an actuary, which is jointly sponsored by the Society and the Casualty Actuarial Society.

Zimbabwe links

Zimbabwe is less wired to the internet than many developed countries but there are still a number of websites referring to actuarial work or insurance and pensions.

A number of Zimbabwean insurance companies have their own web pages, namely Fidelity, First Mutual, Old Mutual and Zimnat.

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